In the beginning

Today marks one week since Mr. Chadwick popped the question.  Thinking about that today inspired me to look back at the beginning. Beginnings are always such an interesting part of your life and when you really take some time to think about it there are almost an infinite amount of them throughout your life.  The beginning of your life, the beginning of your education, the beginning of your adulthood, you get the idea.  So, I welcome you to yet another beginning: the beginning of Mr. Chadwick and I.  Our love story, the engagement, and everything that is about to commence in the way of our wedding planning.

Our little love story all began with the modern day love letter, email.  I am a self professed hopeless romantic. (I blame on all of the Disney movies) So, I of course saved every one.  When preparing to begin this blog I reread the majority of them and it was such an incredible experience to tap back into that mindset of our budding romance.  I really just can’t help myself so, I have to share some of the love with you. Here are some of my favorite little quotes,

it’s strange how a day can pass and it seems as though I haven’t seen you for a week!

how the sound of your voice can put a smile on my face!

I’ve always had a crush on you….there was just something about you that I found irresistible.

you make me smile!

Such sweet little glimpses into some of our first moments of realizing how happy we make one another by just simply being a part of each others lives.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found my Mr. and I can’t wait to be his Mrs.

One of the earliest photos I could find of the two of us. We had been dating for a little over a year here.

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  1. Pat

     /  November 28, 2012

    Awww Becky this is so sweet, I can’t wait for the “rest of the story”. Love you!


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