There is A First Time for Everything

When this tree was struck by lightning it was formed into a heart. Perfectly, imperfect!


As is the time that I first said, “I love you.”  Mr. Chadwick had beeeeen saying, “I  love you.”. . . I remember thinking to myself, he can’t honestly already know that he loves me.  Then I would spend countless nights trying to come up with an argument of what he was trying to accomplish by saying it.  Obviously not quite at the trusting phase of our relationship on my end.  But, after much and I mean much analysis I came to the conclusion that this crazy man was just saying what he felt with no expectation.  I on the other hand was not quite ready for such a risk.  I replied with a smile and a thank you.  Polite.

This continued on in the sweet, small moments he would sneak in an, “I love you.”  I would then just repeat my usual response.  Part of me started to freak out a bit at the idea of him feeling somewhat rejected and maybe giving up on our young romance.  He never did.  A man who had lost so much had the courage to risk it all again for me AND be patient.  After that realization I slowly opened up to the idea of being vulnerable.   Then one day snuggled up together I realized that I wanted to be no where else in the world.  I was so happy in that moment being held by him.  My eyes got all teary and those three words just came to my mind.  I was having this interior monologue with myself about how I did love him and I wanted to tell him.  But, was I ready to tell him? Should I tell him? Is this the right moment?  Then it just came out in that perfectly simple kind of way.  He didn’t say anything.  He didn’t have to…he just squeezed me tight and I held back tears, the good kind of tears.

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  1. Pat

     /  December 7, 2012

    Awww Becky, you made your Aunt Pat cry, but it was a good cry:)


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