asking my ladies

with the engagement party behind us and a few packages arriving to the long distances lovies in my life i can finally share with you how i asked my ladies to be in our wedding, the craft project i alluded to here

being in a friend or family member’s wedding is a big deal. i am a firm believer that no one should half-heartedly say yes to being a bridesmaid. it’s a commitment. a commitment of time, money, sometimes emotional stability. lucky for me the brides that asked me to be in their weddings were incredible. XO Lisa, Donna, & Ashley! but, i really think it is definitely what you make of it. and i think the #1 key to making the best of this incredible time with someone that cares a ton about you is to be honest. if you can’t make it to something let a girl know…if you can’t afford a crazy expensive bridesmaid’s dress just say something (at least that’s my opinion). i don’t want any of the women in my life to feel stressed or uncomfortable about anything i just want to share this special time with them and look back on great memories when i’m old and wrinkly

knowing all that, i wanted to ask these awesome women in my life to be my maid of honor/bridesmaids in a way that showed how much i care about them and how excited i am to marry my best friend and have them be a big part it.

i did my best to outline my expectations for their role in the whole process and our big day to ensure that no one would stress out about the upcoming parties, dress fittings, craft projects, etc. this was included in their, “will you be my bridesmaid?” package…

your role

i hear weddings can get a little crazy for bridesmaids. please don’t get overwhelmed. if you can’t make the bridal shower or bachelorette party it’s not the end of the world. your presence on our wedding day is the most important.

as my bridesmaid your main focus is to:

feel beautiful.

hold gorgeous flowers.

wipe away my happy tears.

understand how much your presence means to me.

know how much i love you.

basically you are to have a complete blast and maybe challenge me to a dance off.

i also included the following note to help my ladies pick out their own dresses with just a little guidance as to what i was thinking

your dresses

more than anything i want all of you to feel comfy and gorgeous. you are all so beautiful in so many ways and i want what you wear to reflect that.

and who’s better suited to pick out your dress than you! each of you will pick a dress that says “you.” i’m onboard for a great mix of eclectic dresses if it means my girls will feel fabulous. enclosed you will find a few paint chips to get a feel for the colors i’m digging: 50 shades of gray (come on: are you surprised?!) i’ve included some sample photos for inspiration, but your options are pretty limitless. just a few guidelines:

keep it short: knee-length give or take a few inches

go sleeveless: you have the right to bare arms!

send me photos before purchasing: i just want to make sure all of the dresses are unique just like you.

i’m still deciding on accessories + shoes, but i will keep you updated.

and i included these notes as well as some wedding day inspiration in a crafty personalized memory box:


i topped it all off with a personal note in these fun cards that i designed and ordered on zazzle

Front of Card

Front of Card

Inside of Card

Inside of Card

i feel so lucky to have all of these ladies in my life and i am so excited to have each one of them be a big part of our day.

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  1. Aunt Joy

     /  February 18, 2013

    Becky, you are AMAZING!! I love, love, love reading your blog. The ideas you have are simply delightful and say “I’m not at ALL a stuffy bride”. I loved reading about your hair styles (and thought to myself….she could SO pull off Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys!! But that’s just me LOL. These “bridesmaids” boxes are so unique and YOU in every way! Those ladies are so lucky to be a part of your wedding and your life! I love you very much and I’m so happy for you and Chadwick….Aunt Joy

  2. Aww Aunt Joy <3 Thank you so much! I love that you love reading the blog :) I can't even tell you how obsessed I am with Audrey Hepburn so that comment thrills me to no end. Love you lots!! XOXO


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