DIY Elva Fields Inspired Statement Necklace


So, I decided to take my self imposed challenge to DIY my wedding day bling, mostly thanks to some encouragement, see here and some much needed help from Ms. Elise Keeney:)  In an effort to calm my nerves about the whole process I have decided to do a trial run of a similarly styled necklace to the one I’d like to wear on our wedding day.  I would just feel more comfortable “practicing”  before I actually embark on THE necklace for the big day.

For my trial run I simply sourced the beads and supplies from my local Michael’s and I actually picked up a beautiful vintage Lisner brooch from the late 1950s from the Goodwill store down the street from my office, (there are a lot of similar options here).   The practicing will hopefully enable me to get an idea of the process, so that I don’t panic when actually creating the wedding day bling (also with hopes of getting an additional beautiful custom piece to add to the jewelry collection: a win, win).

So, my first decision was to decide on the pop of color I wanted to go for.  I love green!  It’s one of my favorite colors.  Plus, I thought it would be a perfect for the upcoming green holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.  God knows I love a holiday to get dressed up for, decorate the house for, do a craft project for, bake something for…poor Chadwick.

Anyway back to the necklace, since I am so fond of green I went with a green dyed quartzite, round 10 mm bead to create the necklace with…they caught my eye when strolling the numerous bead options at Michael’s.

Beads, Beads, Beads

soooo many options

The inspiration:

Oh Joy's necklace by  Elva Fields

Oh Joy’s necklace by Elva Fields

Here’s how I did it:

Step 1:  Gather all the goods.


You’ll need/what I used:

a brooch, preferably vintage/a vintage 1950’s Lisner brooch

a strong, but flexible beading wire/19 strand silver satin Beadalon beading wire

crimp tubes/silver Beadalon crimp tubes, #2 size

4 jump rings/4 silver jump rings

beads of choice, size 10 mm/green dyed quartzite, round 10 mm beads

spacer beads, in complementary color/silver spacer beads

chain/silver chain

clasp/hammered silver toggle clasp

You also want to have a pair of scissors, wire cutters, as well as a bead crimper/pair of needle nose pliers which they sell on the cheap at any craft store, or you could always use what you have in your tool chest. Luckily, Chadwick had me mostly covered on the tools.  I did buy a bead crimper, I just think that the finish is much cleaner with a bead crimper as opposed to the pliers.

Step 2:  Be Prepared.

step 2

Prepare your beading wire by cutting a length of about 12 inches and string 1 of the crimp tubes and a jump ring through the tail end of one side.  Loop the wire over the jump ring and through the crimp bead again, creating a loop that is held together by the crimp bead.  Gently but firmly squeeze the crimp bead shut with your bead crimper/pair of needle nose pliers.   Trim the extra beading wire.

Step 3: String your Beads.


Now, you are ready to begin stringing your beads.  Start out with 14-20 spacer beads then follow-up with 14-20 of the 10 mm sized beads you chose and then again with 5 spacer beads. Once you have completed one strand, close it off using the same method that you began with, using a crimp bead but this time instead of a jump ring you will loop the beading wire through the brooch.


Then attach your other 2 strands close by on the brooch.  Trim the extra beading wire.  Note that each strand will be approximately 7-8 inches long when finished.  You don’t want all 3 strands to be exactly the same length so that they lay better on your neck.  Repeat on the other side of the brooch with a mirrored set of 3 strands.  In my design I wanted the brooch to be offset so one of the sides strands were longer than the other side  I started with a 15″ wire for the second side.  It just depends on the orientation you desire for your brooch.

Step 4: Finishing Touches.


Once the beads are strung, it’s time to attach your chain.  Adding the chain polishes off the design it gives the necklace a more put together look and it also makes it adjustable.   Cut off 2 pieces of chain with your wire cutters.  I did one about 2.5″ long and the other about 1.5″ on the opposite side.  Attach each piece of chain to the jump ring on either side.  When you are opening and closing your jump rings; gently pry each end apart, and then squeeze shut.  Take caution to maintain the shape of the ring.

Step 5: Wrap it up.


Grab 2 more jump rings and attach it to the end of one chain, and attach it to the clasp and chain on the other end.  Now you have your closure. Go look fabulous! I know I will :)


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