Say Yes to the Dress

Well, we didn’t quite say yes…haha! But, we were really close.  Mom and I had the experience of a lifetime last week.  We went to Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection in Pikesville, MD for some wedding dress shopping and to meet the Wedding Dress whisperer as I like to call him, Randy Fenoli, from Say Yes to the Dress. It was quite an incredible evening! Betsy Robinson’s is a beautiful boutique with so many options for just about any budget and they have samples on sale at all times, which I think is awesome.  I definitely recommend it to all brides-to-be in the area.

I must admit I was rather nervous to go to Betsy’s because there were so many horrible reviews on Google about previous brides having an awful experience.  But, I decided that the chance to meet Randy was worth the risk and thank god!  Our consultant Kate was so sweet and patient and great! Kate the Great! HAHA! (If you want to go to Betsy’s make an appointment with Kate, trust me she is awesome) She was so helpful in steering me clear of all my confusion from my previous dress shopping experiences and she patiently honed in on the style that I loved.  Then we found what worked and what clearly didn’t.  Then we found THE dress!


As soon as I put THE dress on Mom started crying, I couldn’t breathe … I mean literally it took my breathe away.  I love this dress!  I just knew, Mom just knew, Kate knew, it was a great moment.  Then of course Randy came into see and he knew.  (Randy by the way is so down to earth and funny and genuinely a really nice guy. Of course, he is also beyond fabulous.  He is so well dressed and not a thing is out of place with his look, impeccable style that Randy.  I mean just look at that pocket square.)  While, I didn’t say yes to the dress because I wanted to sleep on it just to make sure, I know now that this is my wedding dress and I am soooo excited!

Not only is it gorgeous and incredibly flattering, I can make it my own.  Betsy’s doesn’t just offer alterations they offer customizations, so that you can really make THE dress your own.  We all know that I have this desire to be my own person in almost every aspect of my life so, we all saw it coming in regards to John and I’s upcoming wedding and in this case my wedding dress.  Betsy’s is going to help me make this dress just as I want it and I can’t wait to see it.

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  1. It was an awesome experience!!!!! Rebecca and I are not criers but I sure did when she put that dress on. It defintely is the dress!!! I just love it!!!!!! Can’t wait to you customize it to your desires!!!!

  2. Mary Jo chadwick

     /  April 4, 2013

    What a wonderful and very memorable day for you and your mom. So happy for you.


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