Flowers and Centerpieces and Bouquets, Oh My!

Gotta love a good Wizard of Oz reference.  Really though, OH MY! There are definitely moments when I think I would rather deal with lions, and tigers, and bears than figuring this all out, haha!  Not really I love it!  But, once again there are just so many options when it comes to wedding anything but, my most recent discovery is wedding day flowers.  I just set up my first wedding flower consultation and in an attempt to be somewhat prepared I started the research process.  Well, not really started more or less fine tuned.  I don’t think I am alone with the brides-to-be out there but, once I fell in love with Mr. Chadwick I began a Pinterest board of all things wedding.  Check it out here.  It does seem to be an overall trend with my whole wedding planning process to pin just about anything that inspires me in the slightest.  Someone needs to chilax out there in the wedding industry world with all of this creativity there are just so many ahmazing things to pin.  Its overwhelming!

Overwhelming, check. I must admit while overwhelming it is at the same time kind of awesome!  When you really think about it and take a few deep breaths it is awesome because you can really create something so unique to you, which I love!  Breathe, check. Awesome, check.

Ok now that I am somewhat collected and no longer on the edge of another wedding day planning panic attack (trust me ladies there will be multiples and that’s ok it’s totally normal, well it has been the norm for me anyway) I will share with you some of the wedding day flower inspiration that I pulled from my Pinterest board and more that fit more in align with what we have planned for the BIG day:

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  1. They are all beautiful. So whatever you choose I am sure they will be breathtaking!!!! Just like you will be on your wedding day!!!!


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