Wedding Paper, Part I

I have been dying to begin the wedding paper process!  As a crafty DIYer this is probably one of the most fun aspects of the planning process for me.  I love fonts, I love artsy, I love vintage, I love playing with paper!  I love details! We are going for an Art Deco inspired feel because our venue looks like it it straight off the set of The Great Gatsby, so that has set the tone for some of our choices.  Speaking of fonts check out some of the contenders for our wedding stationary:


The whole process actually kind of began coincidentally, I went into Michael’s for supplies for my DIY Elva Fields Inspired Statement Necklace and low and behold a paper sale! Woot! I bought up everything they had that in an art deco/whimsical print in gray and yellow for 16 cents a piece. I was stoked and so was Mr. Chadwick (any time I save any money he is excited), which finally gave me the reasoning to purchase Paper Source’s envelope liner templates.  I have been staring at them online for way too long.  Before I couldn’t justify buying them just because but, now that I have them I know I am going to find a million uses for them.  First off, our Save the Dates!

Our Save the Dates are coming along nicely, we have been working with the lovely Jordan Grace Owens on our custom portrait, mentioned here and it’s almost complete.  We are going to feature a sneak peak of the portrait in the Save the Date and unveil it on our invites and the rest of our fun wedding paper goods.   Yay!

I have played around with so many fonts, layouts, designs…lucky for me Chadwick will indulge me with some input.  I definitely think he underestimates his artistic eye because his input has greatly improved the overall design.  Plus, he has helped me stay focused, which can be quite the task.

So hopefully the Save the Dates will be getting mailed out relatively soon :)

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