Calligraphy is an Art

When I first started researching calligraphy for our wedding stationary I was blown away by how expensive it can be, some of the calligraphers can charge up to $1.25 per line.  For a typical wedding invitation that adds up to about $6.25 if you decide to do an inner envelope, let me just say whoa! If you invite 100 people that’s $625 just to address your invites, let alone the actual cost of the invites.  That’s just not a realistic dollar figure for our budget.

But, the more I thought about it calligraphy really is an art.  Generally, the more expensive calligraphers have done it for years and have really honed their craft.  They offer you so many choices when it comes to fonts and styles and they are just lovely.  Check out one of the area’s best (in my opinion), Meant to Be Calligraphy! Here are some of my favorite styles:




While, these glamour shots were enticing, realistically Meant to Be Calligraphy was not meant to be for us.   I may or may not have had a “moment” about this, lol! I won’t go into details.  But, as luck would have it I was sharing my plight with a co-worker who recommended a lovely woman in our area that does calligraphy as a hobby and did her daughters wedding invitations who is within our budget.  Sometimes you get to have your cake and eat it too! I can’t wait to see our Save the Dates.  I just dropped them off to her a few weeks ago and I am dying with anticipation.  She did give me a sneak peek though, check it out!

Gray White Calligraphy 001

So don’t give up hope ladies!  We all have these lofty aspirations that we have been dreaming up since we were young or in my case since I fell in love.  Some you just have to let go of and focus on what’s important!  You are marrying the love of your life and making a commitment for the rest of your life to be there for this person and he/she for you.  That is truly the most important thing! But, at the same time don’t give up hope there are ways to get what you want as long as you are willing to put forth the effort.  Effort comes in all shapes and sizes: research, DIY, thrifting, and so much more.  If I know anything, one thing I do know for a fact is that where there is a will there is a way.  Here’s hoping!

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