Save the Date, Inspiration

While we are working on a few finishing touches, the Save the Dates will soon be going off in the mail.  Yay! I am so excited!  So much so that I can’t wait until they arrive in our friends’ & family’s mailboxes. I had to do a little breakdown of the inspiration with you to hold me over until they arrive.

Let’s start off with a confession: I AM OBSESSED WITH SUBTLE DETAILS.  I can’t help it.  Any opportunity I had to customize this little piece of mail I did, luckily with lots of patience and help from the Mr.

First things first, the custom portrait (more info on that here).  My inspiration was this invite that I saw on Style Me Pretty.


I loved the idea! I just knew that I couldn’t create it personally so, I immediately thought of an artist I had been following for a few years, Jordan Grace Owens.  Once we started the process it went from a simple sketch to being much more detailed and involved portrait, shocker (sarcasm).  Jordan was awesome and I am so happy with how it came out.  The Save the Date doesn’t feature the entire portrait, but our guests will get to see a glimpse.  The grand reveal will be in our wedding invitation :)

After we finalized the portrait I concentrated on font choices. Here are some of the front runners. Then the layout and design.

Then printing…while the printing process wasn’t necessarily inspired.  I wanted to share with you our experience so, that if you were thinking of using the same printer you wouldn’t make the same mistake I did.  We were trying to be budget conscious and got lucky enough (or so we thought) to stumble upon a Groupon for VistaPrint. So, that is where we decided to get them printed.  We uploaded the design and waited for them to arrive in the mail.  When they came in mail I was beyond excited to open the box up and get my hands on them.  They looked just as I imagined and I was so happy.  That is until I realized they were the wrong size.  They didn’t fit into the envelopes we had worked on for weeks with the pretty liners and everything.  My heart sank…I got a little bridezilla I’m not going to lie.  Vistaprint advertised these as 5X7 but, they were in fact 4.61 x 7.17, which is why they didn’t fit.  Fine print, essh.  It just so happened that the way I navigated the Vistaprint site, it wasn’t visible to a normal person with imperfect vision. Word to the wise: if you are planning to use VistaPrint for any invitations start here that way you can actually see the correct sizing.  I found this after the fact.  Anyway, I called and spoke with VistaPrint on the phone for over an hour.  It wasn’t pleasant.   They were rude, I was rude, and they refused to refund my Groupon or replace the incorrectly sized Save the Dates. They did however, refund what I paid over the value of the Groupon and then I called it a day.  The following day I called Groupon and they refunded me the cost of the Groupon because of how poor the customer service was at VistaPrint. There is a God! Lol! I was so relieved. After all that the Save the Dates were FREE… FREE=GOOD!  How’s that for budget conscious?! Yay! Instead of tossing them we decided to cut the Save the Dates down to fit our envelopes. While the edging’s finish wasn’t as pretty as I had hoped, it worked…

However, I of course couldn’t leave them that way.  I was focused on how I could get the edges a little more refined and probably like 6 weeks later I found this.  Gilded edges, I don’t think it gets more refined than that.  While gold doesn’t fit our color scheme, silver certainly does.  With one quick trip to Michael’s for the silver leaf paint pen and maybe like 20 minutes updating the edges, I was able to give out the sigh of relief I had been looking for for over a month.


One word: BRILLIANT! I couldn’t finally let it go and move on.  And get a little more sleep.

Then of course we slipped them into our pretty lined envelopes addressed by our calligrapher and pimped out in our vintage stamps.  Now, they are all set for the mailman. So keep an eye out family & friends.  They will be coming soon.

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