Everything Will Not be Perfect

True or False. I am a little worried about my OCD on the BIG day.  TRUE.  In all honesty, it has become somewhat of an internal battle.  In my heart I obviously know what is most important and that is that I am lucky enough to have found someone that despite all of my crazy (and trust me there is a lot), he loves me so much.  Yeah, I can get annoyingly persistent among many other quirks but, there has never been a moment when I doubted the FH’s heart.  And I know how our unexpected love story has made me a better daughter, sister, friend, and all around better person.  But, unfortunately there is this voice in my head that strives for such an intense level of unattainable perfection that I fear I will not be able to stay focused on what’s important.

So, I have begun to consciously prepare myself for the inevitable truth that something will NOT go according to plan on my wedding day.   I know I am intense! Lol!  But, I think it is important to be self aware of your weaknesses and try to ready yourself for triggers that way you will be prepared to deal with them.  One of the ways that I have done this is by reading Raquel Kelly’s blog I Guess I Do.  It has been so therapeutic for me so, I didn’t want to keep this wedding blog treasure under wraps.  I thought I would share with you! Raquel shares her personal stories as well as numerous other brides’ stories detailing their I Guess I Do moments when the proverbial shoe drops during the wedding planning or on the actual day.  I get so much solace out of reading all of these stories and I think it has been a big help in changing my diluted mindset that “everything must be perfect.”  For all of you OCD brides-to-be out there stop by I Guess I Do, it’s a breath of fresh air in the wedding blog world because everything isn’t perfect but, that doesn’t matter and that’s the best part!

Here’s Raquel’s about page to give you a better idea of what she shares:

I Guess I Do

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