Heirloom Succulents

Every since I was a little girl I remember seeing my Nan’s beautiful succulents, whether they were in an old boot on the front porch or a beautiful strawberry planter filled to the brim.  I knew once the Mr. popped the question I wanted some of  beautiful succulents I had seen growing up included in my bouquet.  But, what I didn’t know was how expensive they are…like more expensive than peonies.  Who knew that existed?!?

Lucky for me my florist, Heavenly Flowers, has allowed me to provide the succulents to her.  So, I don’t have to spend half my wedding flower budget on my bouquet!  Awesome!  BTW, if any Baltimore brides are looking for a florist check out Heavenly Flowers!  Terri  is a full service florist and she runs her business out of her home which helps save you money since she doesn’t have the overhead of a store.  Plus, she is so nice and really flexible which helps a budget conscious bride get the look she’s going for without going over plan.  Perfect for us!

Since I am able to provide the succulents to the florist my Nan has allowed me to raid her beautiful collection.  Hence, heirloom succulents :)  I couldn’t be happier!  Nan’s succulents are going to look amazing and have even more meaning!  I just spoke with her this week and we were chatting about all kinds of things: my favorite homemade applesauce she makes, sauerkraut, and wedding planning… then we started talking about the succulents and she wanted me to know how much it meant to her that I was using her succulents that she has cultivated for countless years in my bouquet.  It was one of those heartwarming moments that you want to hold onto throughout all the stress because that is what really makes it all wonderful.  Love you Nan :)

So, without further ado here are some of the bouquet and centerpiece succulents from Nan…they are doing great so far

Nan's Succulents

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