Wedding Photos

I think you all know by now that I live my life by the credo, that it’s all in the details.  I want all the love, the personality, and the feeling of the day to be characterized with all of the lovely little details I have planned for our BIG day.  The main objective is to put together a party that introduces the Mr. and I as husband & wife, as partners in life, as a new little family (Brady being our baby) to the world…err our friends and family. But, I of course also have another certain something in mind.  THE WEDDING PHOTOS.  Lol! I want to be able to capture all of these lovely details so that I don’t forget a moment of the planning, of the projects throughout our engagement, or the BIG day.  Plus, another obvious to share the photos with future generations there could be a little mini me (God help us)  within the next 5 years or so and I want to share all of it with her/him.

Seeing my parents’ wedding photos for the first time was one of life’s big moments for me.  I distinctly remember the day I first saw my parents wedding photos. It was just another Saturday morning forced into child labor…doing chores.  I had the unfortunate luck to be selected for dusting, my least favorite.  So, I was busy dusting my parents bedroom and for some reason I don’t particularly remember I was looking through my mother’s end stand.  And there they were, all of their wedding photo proofs.  I had never even seen one photo of them from their wedding.  So, needless to say I was really excited.  The first thing I noticed was how much I looked like my mother.  It was like I was looking at an older version of myself. I had always heard that I look like my mother, but it wasn’t until that moment that it really resonated with me.  Flipping through all of the photos and seeing just how happy they were and how much love they shared on their BIG day was such a memorable experience for me. I think as a young child you only really see your parents as your parents, but that day I began to see them as people, people who share an immense love for one another.  I think my mom quickly noticed that there wasn’t a lot of noise coming from their bedroom so, she slipped in to see what I was up to and we sat down and looked through them together.  We laughed over the photo of my Pappy posing with his empty pockets making a joke at the fact that the wedding made him poor. Then I  laughed at the fact that my Dad was wearing a pink ruffly shirt.  It was a great day.

I have been putting together a Pinterest board as a visual list of all of the photos I want to make sure we get of our BIG day so, that I am ready for the day when my son or daughter discovers Mommy & Daddy’s wedding photos for the full “list” check out the Pinterest board.  And here are some of my favorites:

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