Fitness Friday with Larisa

First things first what is fitness this is what the free online dictionary has to say,

Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.

I have to admit my journey to live a fit life has been a mess.  There have been periods of time when I just give up and eat whatever I want and be lazy AND feel miserable.  But, there are also periods of time when I am much more conscious of what I am putting in my body and I feel so much better.  Lucky for me the later has been much more of a mainstay recently.  I officially joined a gym in December of 2011 with a friend and we were trying out all of the group fitness classes.  We kept gravitating towards the same instructor because her classes were awesome.  There was a great music selection, the classes were hardly ever the same & always challenging, plus she had such a passion for teaching.  After a few months of exercising and not really changing my eating habits I was getting frustrated and was thinking about giving up all together.  Then Larisa our favorite instructor offered to start training my friend and I.  At first I was a little hesitant…I didn’t think I could keep up with either one of them.  But, my arm was twisted and now looking back I couldn’t be happier.  Larisa is not only my trainer she has become a good friend and has helped me lose over 30 lbs.

Recently, she has been thinking about taking all of the knowledge she has gained from being a full time trainer for over 10 years and starting a blog, so that she could help more people.  But, she was a little hesitant because of the time commitment, also she has 3 kids and a demanding full time job.   After we went out to eat last week I got to thinking and the wheels were turning about how great it would be for Larisa and I to work together to share all of her knowledge with you guys.   I am so happy to officially introduce you to her.  Her passion for fitness is contagious and hopefully, you, like me will fall a little more in love with fitness thanks to Larisa through our new weekly post, Fitness Friday.  We will be working together to share with you her tips, on both exercise and nutrition in the upcoming weeks.

But, before we get into the tips I wanted to share with you some background on why I think Larisa is a fitness rockstar.  Larisa’s knowledge and passion for fitness all started out when she was training for and running marathons.  She quickly realized that just running wasn’t enough. She recognized how important nutrition is to support her exercise addiction.  So, she began her journey to change her lifestyle.  After living a fit life for a few years she wanted to share her new found love with people through teaching which is why she started training.  As a trainer a big percentage of her clients are brides, which is why I thought she’d be a great resource for all of you brides-to-be.  Her bride clients are anywhere from 3 months to 1 year away from the BIG day.  No matter what time they have she always sets up a plan of attack of both nutrition and exercise, based on the brides’ goals.  Brides are so motivated, driven mostly by wanting to look their best on the BIGGEST day of their life, which is very inspiring making them some of her favorite clients.  I think what makes Larisa different than most trainers is that she loves all of her clients and cares so deeply about their progress.  She wants her brides to learn for a lifetime instead of just the BIG day, so she shares insight into making these lifestyle changes manageable to maintain.

Her exercise philosophy includes 3 main elements:

1. Strength

2. Cardio

3. Flexibility 

She recommends doing a mix of each on most days of the week, a good goal would be 5 times a week.

Now onto the tips…one of my favorite classes that she teaches is barre.  For those of you that don’t know barre is a mix of  Ballet and Pilates.  Lots of small isolated exercises that will tone, tone, tone and make you walk a little funny for a few days.  LOL! Trust! I could barely do stairs after my first barre class.  Recently in one of my training sessions Larisa put her creative fitness genius to work in melding my fav barre class with one her favorites TRX into a great session that I am still feeling today.  TRX is brutal! Google it you’ll see what I mean.  I think the reason why I loved crazy hybrid workout was because it was a great way to get in your strength training without having to spend any time with the meatheads by the free weights in the gym. Sorry love you guys, but sometimes its just too much!

Anywho, one of the most intense exercises we did was the plie squat, which strengthens your badonkadonk, quads, and hip muscle.  Add it in to any strength training workout and you’ll see what I mean by intense.

Plié Squats

Here’s the how to:

  • All you need is a jump rope and an anchor, above Larisa is just using a nearby tree. Easy enough, right?
  • Then position yourself with your feet at 10 & 2, your toes pointed, your knees shadowing your 2nd & 3rd toe, your pelvis tucked, and your knees bent at 90 degrees while keeping a neutral spine, like Larisa
  • Pulse down an inch & up an inch for 25 reps

We will be back for an additional strength training exercise, some cardio, and flexibility to fit into the mix all with just a jump rope.  So check back for Fitness Friday at 11 AM next week.

In the meantime if you want to know more reach out to Larisa directly at (443)250-5245 or

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