My Wedding Hair Prep

Since, I have had to pay for my own hair care I haven’t been too concerned about spending the money to really take care of my hair.  My pre-engagement hair routine included getting it cut when I could tell the texture was getting questionable because it’s been over a year since my last haircut.  Usually, when I notice this I look for the latest Groupon or Living Social offer and go wherever I can save the most money and if there was a killer deal for highlights I would spring for it.

But, that has drastically changed since the Mr. popped the question.  It really all started when I just wanted to grow out my hair so that it would be a good length for the BIG day.  When I mentioned this to my hair stylist she said the best way to promote growth would be to get my hair trimmed ever 6 weeks.  I was a little skeptical that I would actually commit to such a drastic change.  But, I have and it seems to be working.   I have also become much more of  cognizant of the texture with my much more frequent visits to the salon I have gotten lots of tips to promote shiny, healthy hair growth.   So, I thought I would share with you my top three tips that actual seem to work:

  1. Only wash your hair 3X/week.  This was probably the hardest for me.  I was washing my hair 2X/day, so it was a pretty big difference.  I try to only wash my hair when my workouts make it impossible not to, the other days I will just rinse it out.  Also, using sulfate free shampoo has been a lifesaver: sulfate-free shampoos have been generating buzz because they gently but effectively cleanse hair without the harsh detergents that can strip away color and moisture.  I have been using TIGI Bed Head Superstar. TIGI has discontinued it so, you can find it at Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx for a good price, but any sulfate-free shampoo will work.superstar
  2. Protect Your Hair from the Heat. Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique has been a dream.  It is a heat-protective leave-in conditioner for brittle hair that strengthens and hydrates hair and protects it from heat. Plus, it is light and silky and smells like grapefruit.  But, the main reason I think it’s awesome is how it forms a protective sheath to prevent breakage during combing, brushing, drying, and ironing without leaving your hair filmy.  Afterward, hair is supersoft and bouncy.  What’s not to love?!

    Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique

  3. Keeping it silky. Another Kerastase fav is the Elixir Ultime.  It delivers a powerful cocktail of emollient and anti-oxidant active ingredients for ultimate shine and suppleness while promoting cellular renewal. The elixir brings shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair while smoothing the hair fiber, resulting in incredible shine. The multi-use elixir also helps restore strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressors.kerastase-elixir-ultime

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