Fitness Friday with Larisa

It’s that time again. Fitness Friday with Larisa!  If you missed last week, see here.  Anywho, we are back for the promised strength training exercise, some cardio, and flexibility to fit into the mix all with just a jump rope to keep your workouts accessible and challenging.

A great way to get in all three of Larisa’s main elements of exercise in one workout is to do 20 minutes of each: Strength, Cardio, & Flexibility.

We’ll start out with another great addition to your strength training routine, the Bridal Butt Lift.  This is perfect for you if you are wearing a form fitting wedding dress or if you just want a cute butt.  Who doesn’t?! This version is another one of Larisa’s Barre/TRX hybrid exercises that strengthens your legs in both the glute & hamstring areas; while actually lifting your butt…AWESOME!

2013-08-17 12.58.39

Here’s the how to:

  • Step away from your anchor.
  • Hold both handles of the jump rope in front of your chest.
  • Brace your core.
  • Tip forward from the hip
  • Naturally float one leg up, with your hips slightly tucked
  • Lift your leg up an inch and down an inch
  • 25 reps on each leg

2013-08-17 13.03.33

20 minutes of jumping rope is a great way to get in your cardio.

2013-08-17 13.02.17Don’t forget to stretch! This assisted hamstring stretch helps immensely with flexibility.  A tight hamstring is one of the main causes of lower back pain so, this stretch is great in preventing it.

Don’t forget if you want to know more reach out to Larisa directly at (443)250-5245 or

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