Fitness Friday with Larisa

The long awaited Cardio Circuit ala Larisa to mix up your cardio routine and keep it fun!  The beauty of this workout is you don’t need anything but a little motivation to get you through.  You could even squeeze this in to your busy day in front of the TV in the living room if you wanted to…









  1. Mountain Climbers– starting from  a push-up position keeping your arms straight bring your knee to your chest and then switch, keep repeating.
  2. Jumping Jacks– jumping moving your feet in & out. We all know the jumping jack hopefully you don’t need more explanation than that, lol! Hello, 1st grade P.E. class.
  3. High Knees– run in place while bringing your knees to your chest.
  4. Butt Kicks– run in place, while exaggerateing the running motion by bringing your feet to your butt.
  5. Plyometric Lunges– start in the lunge position (start with one foot behind the other with your legs bent at 90 degrees) then propel yourself in the air and switch legs.
  6. Burpees– keep your legs hip distance apart, then squat down and touch the floor outside of your feet, jump back until your body forms a straight line, then return to the starting position and jump into the air and clap.
  7. Shadow Box Punches– stand hip distance apart and make fists, slightly bend your knees while pretending you have a punching bag in front of you.  Throw punches with force & intent.  Make sure to bring your fists back to the starting position with the same speed you throw your punches to get the full benefit of the exercise.
  8. Tuck Jumps– (an advanced exercise) make sure as you jump you bring your knees you to your chest & then you can reach your elbows to your knees or if you need a little boost push your arms out to help propel yourself.

To get the most out of this circuit do a minute of each exercise with a minute break in between each exercise.  Then take a 3 minute break when you finish the set & repeat 2-3x.  If you are feeling extra tough & want to really push yourself cut off your break time in between each exercise to 30 seconds.

These are pretty simple exercises separately but, they pack a serious punch when you do them all together.  Have fun!

Don’t forget if you want to know more reach out to Larisa directly at (443)250-5245 or

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