Wedding Registry How To

The Mr. & I are beginning the wedding registry…its a little more overwhelming than I initially thought.  At first I just started putting together pretty things.  Lol! They didn’t really make sense or they weren’t really things that we needed…basically a bunch of pretty, impractical, & fabulous things.  I think I was asking for an intervention and luckily the Mr. stepped up.  He was asking about the things I had registered for and then he gave me the “Are you serious?” face.  I was a little reluctant to give up on all of the fun impractical things I had begun to put on our registeries..but I did and now the registries make sense.  To save you from a similar fate I thought I would give you my top 5 practical things to consider, so here goes:

  1. Make a List.  Nowadays most people wait until their older or perhaps already living together to take the marriage leap. So, oftentimes you have most of the things you need…but, they may not have been the best choices for the family you’re beginning to create.  For example, the plates you bought in college may have seen better days or the $15 toaster you bought when you first moved into together probably won’t make it to your first anniversary. Instead of going for all traditional gifts or no gifts at all take a look at what you got.  An inventory of the things you have that are past their prime will help you come up with things to add to the list.
  2. Register at 2 or 3 places. You want to make sure you choose easy, convenient places for people…we selected Target as one of ours, which should be close to most of our friends & family.
  3. Go with both Online & Offline Choices.  Not everyone likes to shop online.  There are still a lot of traditionalist that dare I say it like to actual see & touch something before they buy it (including myself).
  4. Select a Range of Gifts at all Price Points.  You want to make sure you give your guests choices…some of our guests will be traveling far distances so, their presence at the wedding is gift enough, but if they wanted to buy something small in addition to coming we provided some choices.
  5. Keep an eye on your list; if items are sold out or discontinued, replace them with something else. Soooo many business turn products around so fast, just make sure you check in every once in a while to keep track.

While practicality is important, depending on your personality a little whimsicality never hurt anyone either…here are some of my favorite whimsical presents we registered for:

(1 etsy 2 kate spade 3 ashelybrookedesigns 4 barnes&noble bedbath&beyond zeroll )

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