Fitness Friday with Larisa

Are you ready for a vacation … I don’t know about you but, I am ready to escape the cold already and head towards the sun! But, we’ll have to wait until February for our fun family trip to the sunshine state.  Can I start a countdown yet?  I guess I shouldn’t, lol!

Anyway, whenever I travel there is really never a a convenient way to get a good strength training workout in. But, today Larisa has armed us with a great one with resistance bands! Resistance bands are the perfect solution to the travel strength training conundrum.  There are several advantages to using resistance bands. The first and most obvious advantage is how much easier they will fit into your luggage compared with free weights.

Ok, now to the good stuff the actual workout…this is a full body workout working all of your muscle groups and will only take you 15 minutes.  It would be a perfect complement to the cardio circuit we outlined earlier this month.

Exercise 1: Squats

Stand on inside of the band with both of your feet, so the tension begins to build.  Place your feet hip distance apart and bend your knees and get into the squat position. Then bring your hands by your shoulders with your palms facing out.  Stand up; keeping hands by shoulders.

Exercise 2: Biceps

Continue to stand on the inside of the band. Keep your elbows by the side of your waist.  Bring the handles of the band to the front of your shoulders & release down.

Exercise 3: Triceps

Continue to stand on the inside of the band again.  Tip forward from the hip throughout the duration of the exercise.  Keep your arms straight.  Then pull & lift the handles of the band back while engaging your triceps & release forward.

Exercise 4: Chest

Grab the hotel chair and loop the band behind it.  Take your arms in front of you with your knuckles up and press your arms forward in a smooth semicircle motion and release your elbows back nice  and wide.

Exercise 5: Shoulders

Keep the hotel chair, but this time loop the band under it.  Bring your hands to the outside of your shoulders with your palms forward.  From this position engage your abs and push your arms straight up and bring them back to the starting position.

Exercise 6: Back

Loose the chair and set right on the floor.  In a seated position with your legs in front of you & your knees bent loop the band under your feet & cross the handles with your palms facing down.  Lean back at 45 degrees with your abs engaged and your back straight pull the handles of the band to the outside of your chest as you squeeze your shoulder blades back and down.  Then release your arms forward.

Repeat each of the exercises 15 times and you will feel it the next morning.


Don’t forget if you want to know more reach out to Larisa directly at (443)250-5245 or

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