DIY or Buy?

Good morning! Welcome to my new series, “DIY or Buy?,” throughout my wedding planning thus far there have been lots of crafty projects that I have attempted.  Some have turned out so great and others have been epic failures.  While Pinterest may make all of these projects seem so simple, they aren’t!  I am hoping to save you some time & money by showing you which ones you should DIY and which ones you really should just go ahead and Buy.

OK, so onto Project #1.  This was an early on project.  I think we were only a few months into planning.  Lucky for me it was an easy one.  This one is a definite DIY.

Pom Poms.

They are so cute!  And they add such a whimsical element to your BIG day, not to mention they can be used in sooo many different ways.  First things first let’s get to the how to:

What you’ll need:

  • yarn
  • pom pom maker (I used this one)
  • sharp scissors

What you’ll do:

  1. Snap the two halves of the pom pom maker together and open up one of the sides. Wrap your yarn around the open side. Be as even as you can and wrap as densely as you can manage.
  2. When you get to the end of that side, close it and clip it into place.  Then bring the yarn around to do the opposite side in the same way. 
  3. Close up both halves and use some sturdy scissors to trim all the way around in the center groove. 
  4. Now you have to tie a piece of yarn inside that groove as tightly as you possibly can. Use a long piece to tie it, so that I have something for later when you use the pom pom in your wedding project.  
  5. Open it all up and pull out your creation. Fluff it up to make it pretty. Celebrate with a happy dance! I did :)

Here’s how you can use them:

pom pom DIYsfinal

1 Shoe Clips 2 Flowers 3 Boutonniere 4 Backdrop 5 Placecards 

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