Fitness Friday with Larisa

Today we have a great way to overcome the recent darkness in the mornings thanks to daylight savings time; flexibility training.  This mini sun salutation is the perfect way to energize your body: just 3 simple poses that will get your blood flowing and your body ready to conquer the day.


1. Extended  Mountain & Chest Stretch- Breath in and put your hands together over your head, exhale reach back, inhale and circle your arms down behind your back clasping your hands behind your back. Exhale and pull your hands down away from your body.

2. Down Dog- Get down on all fours, place your hands in front of your shoulders, keep your hips high, and your feet shoulder width apart.  Your body should now form an inverted V. Stay in this pose for 5 long breathes.  As you take each breathe, pull your belly towards your spine & reach your heels towards the floor, keeping you legs as straight as you can & keeping your arms pressing into the floor like you are pushing it away.

3. Yoga Lunges- Bring your hips low. Shoulders over your hands and take your right foot outside of your right hand & drop your hips even lower to stretch the back of your leg.  Switch legs and repeat 4 times on each leg

Then jump pack to stand straight and repeat this mini sun salutation 3-5 times.

Involve the kids too! Gabby, Larisa’s daughter had a lot of fun with this one…isn’t that the cutest down dog you’ve ever seen?!?

Don’t forget if you want to know more reach out to Larisa directly at (443)250-5245 or

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