Advance with Caution: Petits Fours

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming! It feels good to be back! Today we are dishing on the new trend in tiny desserts, petit fours. When my Mom mentioned that she would like to have a tea party themed Bridal Shower I was on board.  Maybe a bit too on-board, lol! I got really excited! Of course I had a million ideas and some of them I was so passionate about my Mom didn’t want to say anything.  But, in all honesty I was too much, which tends to happen on occasion.  However, one of the things that my Mom really wanted to do that I had no influence over was to make petit fours for the Bridal Shower.  I, of course, loved the idea!

What I thought was really special about the idea to make the petit fours, was my Mom’s inspiration.  The tried and true Betty Crocker cookbook, adored by both my mother and I.  I love that cookbook.  I made my first dish based off of a recipe from that cookbook, a delicious French omelet.  I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was probably close to 10 years old and I felt so self-sufficient and grown up, not to mention sophisticated because it was not just an ordinary omelet…it was a French omelet.   Haha, but anyway the point I am trying to make is that the cookbook has quite a bit of sentimental value!

Betty Crocker

So with the Betty Crocker Cookbook and determination we set out to make some beautifully, delicious petits fours…or so we thought.  Without going into too much detail…in short they were a mess.  So, we will be attempting to make them again around Valentine’s Day.  Until then I thought I would do some “research.”  This week I was in Annapolis for a work conference so I thought I would slip into Sweet Hearts Patisserie to see if I could detect any secrets from taste testing a few of their beautiful petits fours.  I mean just look at them…

Petits Fours

They were not only beautiful but, also very delicious.  I would have to say the Red Velvet was by far my favorite by they have lots of delectable flavors to choose from.  The biggest “secret” that I took away from my “research” was they fact that they use chocolate to cover the little mini cakes as opposed to the royal icing that we had set out to use.  So, stay tuned to see how our attempt at round 2, petits fours goes around Valentine’s Day.

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