Valentine’s Day Love

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while…it’s the 100th post! I was so excited about reaching this milestone.  At the same time I think I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the milestone.  I was not inspired to write anything really because whatever came to mind…it just didn’t seem enough. But, instead of postponing it yet another day I thought I would just go for it.

Today I wanted to get back to the real reason I started this blog.  It all began because I fell in love, so I thought I would write a really mushy, corny over the top love list (it is Valentine’s Day so why not?).  So here it goes all of my favorite things about falling love with my love in no particular order:

Zou Bisou Bisou


  1. our secret language
  2. his butt
  3. being our goofy selves together
  4. he’s my family
  5. snuggling
  6. the big, warm heart feeling
  7. he still loves me despite my smelly man feet
  8. always wanting to be better for each other
  9. kissing
  10. he’s not creeped out that I eat my cheerios with a side of peanut butter
  11. sharing our everything
  12. needing each other
  13. letting go of the list, because we are each other’s lists
  14. he does his best to abide by the no tooting rule
  15. breakfast for dinner
  16. his dimple
  17. our mutual love of ginger
  18. zerberts
  19. he goes to the grocery store for us all of the time
  20. our shared coffee addiction
  21. the good, the bad, the ugly it’s all worth it
  22. being sweet to each other everyday
  23. the unsolicited support that is there every single day
  24. feeling safe
  25. his patience with my crazy
  26. pushing each other out of our comfort zones
  27. his late night trips to pick up something sweet for me
  28. how hard it is to say no to each other
  29. he tucks me into bed every night and helps me take out my contacts
  30. dancing when no one else is
  31. surprise martinis
  32. he’s a great puppy parent
  33. we are true partners in everything that we do
  34. his eyes
  35. he always makes me laugh

The list goes on forever but, I digress… Feeling lucky in love today! I hope you are too! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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