A Love Affair with Wedding Photo Props

Here we are again, another love affair has arisen to the forefront of our wedding planning.  Photo props! I have been collecting fun props for the past few months to take up our wedding photos up a few notches.  There is so much inspiration out there is hard to stop…  Luckily, there are some restrictions at our venue for certain things such as balloons and candles so that has helped me cut back some, but I think I need help…maybe an intervention of sorts, lol!

I mean look at all there is to inspire:

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What are some of your favorites that you have used/seen/pinned?


A Love Affair with Envelope Liners

So, I don’t think that this is news to anyone but…I am obsessed with envelope liners(see here, here).  This weekend the obsession was back in full force.  We are just about finished getting our updated save the dates ready to mail out and I wasn’t planning on doing envelope liners, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I love the way it looks! When we were out and about this weekend picking up our envelopes at PaperSource we overheard a newly engaged bride-to-be inquiring about the how-to on envelope liners and I knew I wasn’t alone in my obsession.  I love how the new Save the Dates came out and a lot of that had to do with the envelope liners.  I will reveal them soon!  I have a feeling you’re going to love them too…

There are really a million options when it comes to envelope liners.  You can choose a beautiful specialty paper, you could create your own and print them out on your home computer, you can use rubber stamps to create something unique, or my personal, budget-friendly option wrapping paper!

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A Love Affair with Milk Glass

Yet another love affair has taken hold of my wedding planning.  Don’t miss tulle, sparkle, and craspedia…my previous love affairs! There has been a fascination with milk glass, specifically hobnail milk glass, in my home decor for some time now.  Recently, I had my brother’s family & my parents over for tree trimming and dinner…my nieces started counting. I have over 10 pieces just in my kitchen, LOL! I clearly adore milk glass! It’s clean and fresh with the beautifully milky white color.  But, its also whimsical with the texture of the hobnail design.  Yay! So needless to say it was an obvious choice to include milk glass in our wedding decor.  I have collected numerous vases, a cake stand, and other goodies for the big day.  Here is a look inside the inspiration:

A Love Affair with Craspedia

Throughout the planning process I have had my moments.  Moments of complete and utter transfixation I admit it…I have a problem. That’s the first step, right? Admitting it.  Here are my last two loves in case you’ve missed them: tulle & sparkle.

But, I have moved on…my new love is in the form of delightful little dots of happiness.  I don’t want to even begin to count how many pins of bouquets with craspedia AKA Billy Balls are all over my Pinterest.  It’s intense!! But, how cute are they?!? They are like the floral interpretation of polka dots and God knows I love polka dots. Here is some of the inspiration behind the obsession:

A Love Affair with Sparkle

You’ve heard about my love affair with tulle, but I am here to introduce you to my new love, sparkle, a la sequins.  Love, love, loving sequins right now. My fave detail? A sequined table.  Just enough to add some sparkle to the wedding.  Whether it be just the sign-in table, head table or our sweetheart table, it’s all about moderation.  Here is some of the inspiration behind the obsession:

A Love Affair with Sequins

Table 1 Southern Weddings / Clutch Sondra Roberts / Bridesmaid Dress Topshop / Mermaid Photo Backdrop dropitMODERN / Chair Cover The White Dress by the shore / Heart Shoe Clips ShopBan.do

A Love Affair with Tulle

I honestly didn’t anticipate having a love affair with tulle, but it is in full force.  From my wedding dress to my little flower girls, tulle will have a big presence on our BIG day.  Here is some of the inspiration behind the obsession:

Are there any other brides out there that find/found themselves fixated on a certain fabric or detail of your BIG day when planning? If so, share in the comments, help me feel a little less crazy. LOL!

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