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Football is kind of a big deal at our house and this weekend will be yet another test of our love for our teams.  Ray VS Brady: Ravens VS Patriots…it’s the playoffs and this just got real!

Chadwick and I have had an interesting playoff history from the beginning of our relationship see below (an admittingly biased view):

2009 Playoffs 33-14 Ravens, the game started with the memorable 83 yard touchdown run by Ray Rice (when my taunting began) and ended with the Patriots pondering their first home playoff loss in 32 years

2011 Playoffs 23-20 Patriots, the game ended with a heartbreaking “dropped” touchdown pass to Lee Evans

2012 Playoffs Ray Lewis’ Last Ride, Ravens seeking justice and Brady being Brady

When I look back on the first 2 playoff runs between our teams during our relationship, I think we were somehow saved from a potential disaster.  2009 we were still in the “honeymoon” phase of our relationship where we each thought the other was perfect, so we didn’t let football get too much in the way of our young romance.  Then last year we thought it would be the perfect time for our parents to meet so, we had an even viewing audience and things worked out well (minus the Ravens loss), AND now this year it’s up to me… Chadwick has given me the responsibility to choose how we watch the game.  We can watch it together or he’ll watch it by himself and I’ll go watch it with Mom and Dad.

I have reservations about both options…

I must say I am a pretty lucky lady.  Mr. Chadwick is the ultimate gentleman even when it comes to football.  When watching Ravens games he comments on good plays and he’s encouraging when I lose hope.  Even this past weekend when I had doubted my Ravens he renewed my faith moments prior to the last Manning interception before the big win.  But, I unfortunately cannot say the same for myself.  I have an innate adverse reaction to the sight of Tom Brady and I have been trying to tame it since we’ve met but, it’s an ongoing struggle.     Hence my reservations to watch the game together…

But, no one deserves to watch one of the most exciting games of the year for a team they are immensely passionate about by themselves.  Especially, not Chadwick…and when I really think about it one of the things that I love about him the most is his passion and loyalty to his sports teams: New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, the list goes on.  AND I know it’s one of the the things he loves about me, he was one of the first to like and comment on the below Facebook post I wrote about Ray Lewis’ retirement

Ray Lewis' Retirement

So, I think I am going to be brave and watch the game with Mr. Chadwick and hope to contain myself enough to be considerate of the love of a man and his football team, my love.

Wish me luck!

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