Fabulous Finds: Bridesmaids Bestie Gifts

I have been thinking a lot lately of how best to say ‘thank you’ to my ladies, so I thought I would share a roundup of my favs so far:

I think jewelry is always a yes.  Its perfect to wear day of and it is a great gift for your girls.  Plus, every time they slip the sparkle on they will think of your special day.

Another great gifting idea is a cute bag.  Perfect for storing all of the day of essentials.

If your girls are anything like mine they will be rocking some killer heels for the BIG day.  Gifting some dancing shoes are a way to ensure that the fun will be had at the reception.

Of course there will be some DIY prezzies for my ladies but, I am keeping them on lock down until after the BIG day, a girl does have to keep some secrets :)

FYI, if you want to find out where any of the pretties are from click on the photo and you will find a link. Enjoy!


A Love Affair with Tulle

I honestly didn’t anticipate having a love affair with tulle, but it is in full force.  From my wedding dress to my little flower girls, tulle will have a big presence on our BIG day.  Here is some of the inspiration behind the obsession:

Are there any other brides out there that find/found themselves fixated on a certain fabric or detail of your BIG day when planning? If so, share in the comments, help me feel a little less crazy. LOL!

my ladies

introducing my ladies…


katrina my love: maid of honor + best friend.  trusted confidante of my most outrageous moments.  most likely to get pulled into a political debate at the wedding.

Rebecca and Lisa0001

lisa simmons: loving sister who wished me into the world.  delicate ying to my audacious yang. most likely to cry at the wedding.


ashley feldman: amazeballs roomie + best friend for nearly a decade.  witness to my most tragic style (or lack thereof, ehem reeboks) years. most likely to make me “lock it up” at the wedding.

Rebecca and Sissy0001

michaela boese : beautiful niece + mini me. inheritor of my commitment to perfection when getting crafty (see: mums). mostly likely to call foul if i go bridezilla.


marybeth bunting: soon to be sister. kindred spirits of theme party passion. most likely to get the dance party started at the wedding.

i am beyond happy to have all of these beautiful, intelligent, incredible ladies by my side as i say “i do” to the mr. and i must say i have had many, many fun memories with each one of them and i can’t wait to make a lot more fun memories leading up to the big day and beyond!

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