DIY or Buy?

Flowers…can you DIY them? Sure you definitely can! But, should you…umm I think not.  I am always trying to do something a little different in my everyday life.  If that means try a new hat, a new lipstick, whatever…so I was hell bent on doing something different with almost every aspect of my wedding.  Not excluding my flowers! I had soooo many ideas.  First it was paper flowers.  Granted, I think they turned out beautifully:

Paper Flowers

The rose on the left was rather simple I just followed this incredibly easy template by the elli blog. So, I got cocky and decided to try the ranunculus template… 4 hours later I got what sort of resembled a ranunculus bloom, the flower on the right.  While it was an interesting project and I was pretty impressed with the results, I don’t have the time for that.  Plus, the more I thought about it flowers were not something I wanted to eliminate.  Nothing can compare to the natural beauty, the fragrance, or the countless hours of my life that I would never get back if I made all of my flowers, LOL! So I say flowers are a definite BUY in my book.


DIY or Buy?

The wedding dress…I NEVER, NEVER…EVER thought I would be DIYing my wedding dress.  But, after going to several bridal boutiques and just not finding the right dress…I finally said yes to my Mom’s dress albeit with a bit of a DIY element.  Obviously I am not going to be able to go at this project alone so, I have enlisted the help of a professional.  However, I still consider this a DIY project because believe it or not if you are going to be embarking on this journey you are INVOLVED! Much more involved than I originally anticipated, but I have been loving every second of it!

The design has been a work in progress…and I feel like every time I meet with our dressmaker it gets better.  This past Saturday my Mom and I went for another fitting and it is just coming along beautifully.  I am so excited! I can already tell this is going to be one of my most adored elements of our BIG day!

So, in my experience this was a definite DIY.  I think it goes without saying that it is a very personal choice.  However, I will say it’s important to make sure you are open to options that you may not have thought were for you…because they may be better than you could have ever imagined.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the dress…


DIY or Buy?

Hello there! It’s been a while.  The holidays were just absoultely lovely.  The Mr. and I spent some quality time with his family up in Vermont this Christmas.  It was filled with love, laughs, a Christmas day hike, board games, and so much more.

While, it’s tough to come back to reality after the holidays I am excited to be back to share with you some escort card inspiration.  Escort cards can be a bit boring…and they are really the first impression of your wedding reception.  So I advise you to not let the first impression be boring.  You could buy some folded cards & then have a calligrapher do the rest.  It’s classic.  But, I recommend to add a little more personality with a quick DIY.  There are so many different ways to spruce up this element of your wedding so, don’t bow out…get creative!

I love our escort “cards,” well they aren’t really cards but, anyway I love them! They have a bit of whimsy, the display fits in with our art deco theme, and they were made by yours truly. I can’t wait to share them with you, but until then here are some other great ideas to get your wheels turning:


Beverage Escort Cards


Pancake Escort Cards


Pick Your Posies Escort Cards 

DIY or Buy?

Wedding invitations…there are so many gorgeous wedding invitation suites out there! OMG! That was actually the first thing the Mr. and I looked at, lol! We went to the most beautiful paper boutique in Portsmouth, NH just days after our engagement.  I was so excited! Just a little fair warning it only takes you about umm 5 minutes to fall in love with everything! If you are ever in that area you have to stop by Gus & Ruby, not only do they have beautiful paper goods but, they also have great gifts! But, for us buying the type of custom wedding invitation suite that I soo wanted was just not in the budget. So, I got to work! I was going to get the custom suite I wanted by DIYing my heart out.  One thing that I would definitely recommend if you plan on DIYing your wedding invites is to wait until after you have your wedding venue selected and your general design plan for the wedding: decor, cake, dress.  So you know what type of look would suit everything. I started out just researching design elements that fit with our look that I could incorporate easily.  Our venue as I have mentioned before reminds me so much of Jay Gatsby’s house straight off of the 1974 set of the film (swoon Robert Redford). So, some of our design inspiration has come from the Jazz Age.  However, at the same time I wanted to keep them modern with a bit whimsy.  Here are some of the elements that inspired me:

1, 2, 3

The design process was actually a lot of fun for me.  I would print out the updates as I incorporated different elements to show the Mr. and he would give me some input.  It was really a great team project.  Then we got them printed using our handy, dandy Groupon saving tons of money.  All that is left is assembling them, postage, and calligraphy. We were actually snowed in yesterday so, we got a good dent into the assembly process.  It was such a great sense of accomplishment seeing how it all came together.  I couldn’t be happier! Plus, I am so grateful that we didn’t have it in our budget for the fancy letterpress suite.  We would have missed out on collaborating on such an amazing project together.  We were snowed in with the fireplace on in our PJs putting them together.  It was a great day!

DIY or Buy?

I am loving all things chalkboard for our wedding decor…but it was tough to incorporate with our Art Deco vibe at first.  Until I saw a great DIY on pinterest of course.  To up the glam factor the “chalkboards” are made out of silver platters…just the right amount of sparkle for me.  So, get yourself to the good will store there are plenty of them there.  They range in price from like 50 cents to like $5, depending on size.  Then all you need is some chalkboard paint and chalk it’s super easy & a definite DIY in my book.  Here is what inspired me to DIY:

I have begun to make these for our BIG day but, I couldn’t wait to put these beauties to good use.  Check out my Hot Chocolate Bar sign from this weekend:


DIY or Buy?

I am a big proponent of supporting small, local businesses.  So, throughout the wedding planning process if it was economical I would opt to spend my money with them instead of some big box company.  This DIY is a little bit of both.  We were able to DIY our black raspberry jelly wedding favors, which I have talked about already here and here.  Since we opted to DIY we were able to support a local farm and buy all of our beautiful black raspberries for a fraction of the cost because we picked them ourselves. Plus, the fact that my grandmother passed down the tradition of making this jelly to my mother makes it that much more special.  So, I say wedding favors are a DIY must.  Find something really personal with family ties and share it with all your guests, trust they will love it! Plus, the process of putting these together with my Mom, my soon to be Mom, and my MOH was just so much fun!

Here are some more DIY favor options that are my favs:


Spice Mix Favor


Cookie Mix Favor



DIY or Buy?

Our venue doesn’t have an actual bar…so there are few things I wanted to do to spice up the area that will be serving as our bar.  This is one of the inspirations that started this DIY attempt…notice I say attempt.

bar sign inspiration

style me pretty

They look so simple, so pretty…all you need is a hot glue gun, some paper mache letters from your local craft store and some yarn…which I already had from the pom pom project.  This should be a breeze, right? WRONG! I am still physically (I got a gross blister on my finger from the hot glue) and emotionally recovering from this DIY attempt.  This is a definite BUY for me.  Maybe some of you are a bit more patient and crafty and this could be a DIY but, I am not sure if you want to chance it…I put in 2 hours and only got like 25% of 1 letter finished and it looked awful. SO I recommend, you BUY this one.  Check out the various sellers on etsy that make them.  I mean look how gorgeous they are:



DIY or Buy?

Good morning! Welcome to my new series, “DIY or Buy?,” throughout my wedding planning thus far there have been lots of crafty projects that I have attempted.  Some have turned out so great and others have been epic failures.  While Pinterest may make all of these projects seem so simple, they aren’t!  I am hoping to save you some time & money by showing you which ones you should DIY and which ones you really should just go ahead and Buy.

OK, so onto Project #1.  This was an early on project.  I think we were only a few months into planning.  Lucky for me it was an easy one.  This one is a definite DIY.

Pom Poms.

They are so cute!  And they add such a whimsical element to your BIG day, not to mention they can be used in sooo many different ways.  First things first let’s get to the how to:

What you’ll need:

  • yarn
  • pom pom maker (I used this one)
  • sharp scissors

What you’ll do:

  1. Snap the two halves of the pom pom maker together and open up one of the sides. Wrap your yarn around the open side. Be as even as you can and wrap as densely as you can manage.
  2. When you get to the end of that side, close it and clip it into place.  Then bring the yarn around to do the opposite side in the same way. 
  3. Close up both halves and use some sturdy scissors to trim all the way around in the center groove. 
  4. Now you have to tie a piece of yarn inside that groove as tightly as you possibly can. Use a long piece to tie it, so that I have something for later when you use the pom pom in your wedding project.  
  5. Open it all up and pull out your creation. Fluff it up to make it pretty. Celebrate with a happy dance! I did :)

Here’s how you can use them:

pom pom DIYsfinal

1 Shoe Clips 2 Flowers 3 Boutonniere 4 Backdrop 5 Placecards 

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