A Love Affair with Wedding Photo Props

Here we are again, another love affair has arisen to the forefront of our wedding planning.  Photo props! I have been collecting fun props for the past few months to take up our wedding photos up a few notches.  There is so much inspiration out there is hard to stop…  Luckily, there are some restrictions at our venue for certain things such as balloons and candles so that has helped me cut back some, but I think I need help…maybe an intervention of sorts, lol!

I mean look at all there is to inspire:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

What are some of your favorites that you have used/seen/pinned?


Valentine’s Day Love

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while…it’s the 100th post! I was so excited about reaching this milestone.  At the same time I think I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the milestone.  I was not inspired to write anything really because whatever came to mind…it just didn’t seem enough. But, instead of postponing it yet another day I thought I would just go for it.

Today I wanted to get back to the real reason I started this blog.  It all began because I fell in love, so I thought I would write a really mushy, corny over the top love list (it is Valentine’s Day so why not?).  So here it goes all of my favorite things about falling love with my love in no particular order:

Zou Bisou Bisou


  1. our secret language
  2. his butt
  3. being our goofy selves together
  4. he’s my family
  5. snuggling
  6. the big, warm heart feeling
  7. he still loves me despite my smelly man feet
  8. always wanting to be better for each other
  9. kissing
  10. he’s not creeped out that I eat my cheerios with a side of peanut butter
  11. sharing our everything
  12. needing each other
  13. letting go of the list, because we are each other’s lists
  14. he does his best to abide by the no tooting rule
  15. breakfast for dinner
  16. his dimple
  17. our mutual love of ginger
  18. zerberts
  19. he goes to the grocery store for us all of the time
  20. our shared coffee addiction
  21. the good, the bad, the ugly it’s all worth it
  22. being sweet to each other everyday
  23. the unsolicited support that is there every single day
  24. feeling safe
  25. his patience with my crazy
  26. pushing each other out of our comfort zones
  27. his late night trips to pick up something sweet for me
  28. how hard it is to say no to each other
  29. he tucks me into bed every night and helps me take out my contacts
  30. dancing when no one else is
  31. surprise martinis
  32. he’s a great puppy parent
  33. we are true partners in everything that we do
  34. his eyes
  35. he always makes me laugh

The list goes on forever but, I digress… Feeling lucky in love today! I hope you are too! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Manic Monday Meditation

After a crazy busy weekend including spending time with great friends, a hectic work event, and lots of family time in true Manic Monday Mediation spirit, I have a special verse to center me in all the chaos.  This week I have decided to dedicate it to my super sweet Nan.  This past Thursday was her 90th birthday.  As I thought about the milestone that is a 90th birthday, I was trying to come up with ways to express how thankful I am for all of the happiness that she has brought into my life.  I thought about giving her 90 pink roses (her favorite), or 90 powdered creme filled donuts (another favorite), but they just didn’t seem like enough.  So, instead I decided to write her letter outlining some of my favorite happy memories…playing jacks with her as a small child, surprises from our shopping trips, and most importantly Conway Twitty dance parties.  The smiles and laughs following made all the stress from my crazy week melt away.  It doesn’t get much better than this:


Another one of my cousins had the same idea and gave her the most beautiful card with a special prayer referencing various verses including:

Romans 15:13

This one stood out to me the most because Joy is what she has brought into my life and many others.   It is the reason we all came together to celebrate this Sunday; her daughters, sons, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  What a great day?!

Manic Monday Meditation

I had a little bit of a rough week last week.  Just a bunch of little things that add up and start to make you feel as though you just can’t get anything right.  It was a bit overwhelming to say the least.  So, my Mom recommended I spend some time with Job.  For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the book of Job in the Bible, his story is really inspiring, especially for someone like me who wants to control everything.  And I know all of us brides-to be have our moments ;-) Whether you are a religious person or not, I think the lesson that God (or for some of us Fate) has a plan for us is a really important one to learn and keep with you.  His plan is is way better than any plan we could develop ourselves.  There are so many things that are out of our control and if we just let go of those things life can be so much sweeter.  There are events that are destined to happen that at first may not seem pleasant but, you never know where they may lead you.

The more I thought about this, I kind of looked back on some of the best things that have happened to me…one of them being my handsome future husband :) The particulars of meeting him initially were not what I would have planned for myself. The last thing I wanted to do when I graduated college was move back home.  But, financially it was the only one that made sense.  Needless to say when I was moving home from DC I was a bit distraught.  I wanted to stay in the city with all of my college girlfriends and keep living the BIG city dream of mine at some corporate marketing job with an office and a view.  Moving back into my old childhood bedroom and working for a rental car agency was probably the farthest thing from that…  But, looking back now I would not trade anything in the world for those 60 hour work weeks washing cars, dealing with unruly customers, all the while slowly falling madly in love with Mr. Chadwick.


A Love Affair with Sparkle

You’ve heard about my love affair with tulle, but I am here to introduce you to my new love, sparkle, a la sequins.  Love, love, loving sequins right now. My fave detail? A sequined table.  Just enough to add some sparkle to the wedding.  Whether it be just the sign-in table, head table or our sweetheart table, it’s all about moderation.  Here is some of the inspiration behind the obsession:

A Love Affair with Sequins

Table 1 Southern Weddings / Clutch Sondra Roberts / Bridesmaid Dress Topshop / Mermaid Photo Backdrop dropitMODERN / Chair Cover The White Dress by the shore / Heart Shoe Clips ShopBan.do

Bloggin on Hitched


I have some super exciting news, here goes…I have begun to blog for Baltimore Bride’s Hitched.  They were searching for new writers on facebook and I sent in an email to the editor with a link to soontobeamrs.com This was her response:

Hi Rebecca – I love your blog. I’d love to have you become one of my bloggers…

Umm, can you say flattered!  I was so happy to hear that!  Plus, she added in, “By the way – thanks to you I have now discovered Jordan Grace Owens and bought a custom illustrated portrait!”  Basically, summing up all the goals of writing this blog into one email: #1 providing something fun and enjoyable to read & #2 getting inspired.  I can’t believe that my little blog post about Jordan inspired someone else to order from her.  She was so awesome to work with and I really just love the portrait, so I am happy to hear that someone else will get to share in the love.

So back to Hitched…I have been reading Hitched for a few months now, umm basically since I got engaged.  I love the perspective from all of the real brides and I have gotten some great tips!  And maybe even more importantly some relief in knowing I’m not the only on going through some of the bride exclusive emotions.  Terps Tying the Knot is probably one of my fav “columns.”   Naomi, the blogging bride, is upfront and honest while making me laugh, not to mention she is very insightful in her writing.  One of her tips, “Hair and makeup trial prior to dress fitting,” while seemingly simple, in my opinion it is just a brilliant idea.  Booking these two: hair/makeup trial & dress fitting on the same day will give you the chance to see your full look and I LOVE THAT!!

It is an honor to join in on the fun with Naomi and the other Baltimore Bride bloggers!  My “column”  is Art Deco Meets Handmade.   I will be sharing a lot of our DIY projects with a little added Art Deco glamour.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything check-in around the 2/3 week of the month for my posts.

Here is my first post with some more details on how the Mr. and I’s love story began.  Here’s a little peek


I am working on this month’s upcoming post now and it’s a good one, so make sure you check it out.  I will make sure I share it with you guys once it gets published. Stay tuned!

First Major Decision Made: The Venue

YAY! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited, relieved, happy, joyful, ecstatic, every happy adjective there is… I feel to have decided on our venue.  I was never the type of girl that dreamed about her wedding day since I was a little girl.  In all honesty I didn’t really think marriage was for me until I met Mr. Chadwick.  So, when looking for a venue I had no idea where to begin.  We looked at old mansions, farms, the Maryland Science Center, the list goes on…

But, when we arrived at our venue of choice we both we’re grinning like idiots.  I kept saying, this is really pretty, this is really pretty, haha! Chadwick couldn’t help but to join in the fun.  We have decided to say, “I do” at the Liriodendron Mansion in Bel Air, MD.  I think what made us fall in love was the combination of old world charm, beautiful grounds, and the fact that they use some of the rooms as art galleries, how cool is that?!?  I think what made Chadwick fall in love with the Liriodendron was all of the above as well as the great price, seriously ladies it is affordable.  If there are any brides-to-be out there struggling to find a beautiful venue in the Baltimore area that they can afford, look no further that the Liriodendron,  not to mention that Dorothy the woman who manages the events is a doll.  She is really sweet and she’ s British, which is just an added bonus for anglophiles like myself.

So, without further ado let me introduce you to the Liriodendron..




Wedding Planning Stress

Believe it or not wedding planning is not all sunshine and rainbows.  There are moments that are beyond stressful! Not like the normal I need a donut stressful but, like the I am going to eat 7 donuts in less than 24 hours stressful (yes that did happen this week and I still feel sick).  Obviously donuts are not the answer to anyone’s problems…

Both the Mr. and I were having beyond stressful weeks with work, wedding planning, and life in general and without going into detail let’s just say things didn’t go so well.  But, I think that it is the commitment to yourself and to each other that get’s you through.  I saw this silly but insightful internet meme on Facebook which, I thought summed up what we have been going through and what our future holds:


Custom Portraits

I was fully anticipating keeping this a secret or at least only telling a few people but, let’s be real…I can’t keep a secret to save my life.  Mr. Chadwick and I are commissioning a custom portrait!  Okay so I know that sounds a little weird…well let’s be honest I’m a little weird, haha but bare with me.  While the idea of getting custom portraits done may seem a little bizzaro, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this!  I discovered this artist, Jordan Grace Owens umm years ago and I have been dreaming up an opportunity to commission a portrait ever since. So, I have decided that the opportunity is now! I can’t wait to see it!

Why I Love the Artist

Jordan Grace Owens is an artist & illustrator currently based in Charlottesville, VA.  Her work ranges from tiny movable paper dolls to prints to large-scale acrylics. And when she’s not creating artwork in her cozy studio, she teaches drawing and painting classes for children! AWESOMENESS!


A lot of themes in Jordan’s work tend to derive from her affection for early- to mid-century style, art, music, film and design.


I really love Jordan’s use of vivid colors, and her simple but bold graphics.


Jordan offers a range of prints, paper dolls, totes and magnets via her Etsy shop.  And for more on Jordan, check out her website.

my ladies

introducing my ladies…


katrina my love: maid of honor + best friend.  trusted confidante of my most outrageous moments.  most likely to get pulled into a political debate at the wedding.

Rebecca and Lisa0001

lisa simmons: loving sister who wished me into the world.  delicate ying to my audacious yang. most likely to cry at the wedding.


ashley feldman: amazeballs roomie + best friend for nearly a decade.  witness to my most tragic style (or lack thereof, ehem reeboks) years. most likely to make me “lock it up” at the wedding.

Rebecca and Sissy0001

michaela boese : beautiful niece + mini me. inheritor of my commitment to perfection when getting crafty (see: mums). mostly likely to call foul if i go bridezilla.


marybeth bunting: soon to be sister. kindred spirits of theme party passion. most likely to get the dance party started at the wedding.

i am beyond happy to have all of these beautiful, intelligent, incredible ladies by my side as i say “i do” to the mr. and i must say i have had many, many fun memories with each one of them and i can’t wait to make a lot more fun memories leading up to the big day and beyond!

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