Fall Wedding Flowers

It’s a snowy, COLD, COLD, COLD day here in the Baltimore area.  I am enjoying the whimsical parts, yesterday I only had a 1/2 day at work and went home to snuggle by the fireplace with the puppy and the Mr.  Then this morning Mr. Brady and I had a blast playing in the snow.  He is a snow dog.  He loves the white stuff.

But, at the same time I have been craving me some blooms.  I wish I could just cover every surface of our apartment with peonies and ranunculus and dahlias.  Needless to say blooms have been on the brain it’s seems like it’s the only thing on my mind (exhibit A).  So, I have been thinking that with our date change…making our wedding closer to fall I might make some changes to our wedding flowers.  Here are some of the bouquets that have been inspiring me:

12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


DIY or Buy?

Flowers…can you DIY them? Sure you definitely can! But, should you…umm I think not.  I am always trying to do something a little different in my everyday life.  If that means try a new hat, a new lipstick, whatever…so I was hell bent on doing something different with almost every aspect of my wedding.  Not excluding my flowers! I had soooo many ideas.  First it was paper flowers.  Granted, I think they turned out beautifully:

Paper Flowers

The rose on the left was rather simple I just followed this incredibly easy template by the elli blog. So, I got cocky and decided to try the ranunculus template… 4 hours later I got what sort of resembled a ranunculus bloom, the flower on the right.  While it was an interesting project and I was pretty impressed with the results, I don’t have the time for that.  Plus, the more I thought about it flowers were not something I wanted to eliminate.  Nothing can compare to the natural beauty, the fragrance, or the countless hours of my life that I would never get back if I made all of my flowers, LOL! So I say flowers are a definite BUY in my book.

A Love Affair with Milk Glass

Yet another love affair has taken hold of my wedding planning.  Don’t miss tulle, sparkle, and craspedia…my previous love affairs! There has been a fascination with milk glass, specifically hobnail milk glass, in my home decor for some time now.  Recently, I had my brother’s family & my parents over for tree trimming and dinner…my nieces started counting. I have over 10 pieces just in my kitchen, LOL! I clearly adore milk glass! It’s clean and fresh with the beautifully milky white color.  But, its also whimsical with the texture of the hobnail design.  Yay! So needless to say it was an obvious choice to include milk glass in our wedding decor.  I have collected numerous vases, a cake stand, and other goodies for the big day.  Here is a look inside the inspiration:

A Love Affair with Craspedia

Throughout the planning process I have had my moments.  Moments of complete and utter transfixation I admit it…I have a problem. That’s the first step, right? Admitting it.  Here are my last two loves in case you’ve missed them: tulle & sparkle.

But, I have moved on…my new love is in the form of delightful little dots of happiness.  I don’t want to even begin to count how many pins of bouquets with craspedia AKA Billy Balls are all over my Pinterest.  It’s intense!! But, how cute are they?!? They are like the floral interpretation of polka dots and God knows I love polka dots. Here is some of the inspiration behind the obsession:

Heirloom Succulents

Every since I was a little girl I remember seeing my Nan’s beautiful succulents, whether they were in an old boot on the front porch or a beautiful strawberry planter filled to the brim.  I knew once the Mr. popped the question I wanted some of  beautiful succulents I had seen growing up included in my bouquet.  But, what I didn’t know was how expensive they are…like more expensive than peonies.  Who knew that existed?!?

Lucky for me my florist, Heavenly Flowers, has allowed me to provide the succulents to her.  So, I don’t have to spend half my wedding flower budget on my bouquet!  Awesome!  BTW, if any Baltimore brides are looking for a florist check out Heavenly Flowers!  Terri  is a full service florist and she runs her business out of her home which helps save you money since she doesn’t have the overhead of a store.  Plus, she is so nice and really flexible which helps a budget conscious bride get the look she’s going for without going over plan.  Perfect for us!

Since I am able to provide the succulents to the florist my Nan has allowed me to raid her beautiful collection.  Hence, heirloom succulents :)  I couldn’t be happier!  Nan’s succulents are going to look amazing and have even more meaning!  I just spoke with her this week and we were chatting about all kinds of things: my favorite homemade applesauce she makes, sauerkraut, and wedding planning… then we started talking about the succulents and she wanted me to know how much it meant to her that I was using her succulents that she has cultivated for countless years in my bouquet.  It was one of those heartwarming moments that you want to hold onto throughout all the stress because that is what really makes it all wonderful.  Love you Nan :)

So, without further ado here are some of the bouquet and centerpiece succulents from Nan…they are doing great so far

Nan's Succulents

Flowers and Centerpieces and Bouquets, Oh My!

Gotta love a good Wizard of Oz reference.  Really though, OH MY! There are definitely moments when I think I would rather deal with lions, and tigers, and bears than figuring this all out, haha!  Not really I love it!  But, once again there are just so many options when it comes to wedding anything but, my most recent discovery is wedding day flowers.  I just set up my first wedding flower consultation and in an attempt to be somewhat prepared I started the research process.  Well, not really started more or less fine tuned.  I don’t think I am alone with the brides-to-be out there but, once I fell in love with Mr. Chadwick I began a Pinterest board of all things wedding.  Check it out here.  It does seem to be an overall trend with my whole wedding planning process to pin just about anything that inspires me in the slightest.  Someone needs to chilax out there in the wedding industry world with all of this creativity there are just so many ahmazing things to pin.  Its overwhelming!

Overwhelming, check. I must admit while overwhelming it is at the same time kind of awesome!  When you really think about it and take a few deep breaths it is awesome because you can really create something so unique to you, which I love!  Breathe, check. Awesome, check.

Ok now that I am somewhat collected and no longer on the edge of another wedding day planning panic attack (trust me ladies there will be multiples and that’s ok it’s totally normal, well it has been the norm for me anyway) I will share with you some of the wedding day flower inspiration that I pulled from my Pinterest board and more that fit more in align with what we have planned for the BIG day:

Inspiring Photos Forever

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